How to become a homeowner at a lower cost?

For many French people, becoming a homeowner is a dream that seems inaccessible. Real estate prices are far too high for their budget. Are you one of them? Don't give up too quickly. Discover 3 tips to save on the purchase of a property.

Buying an energy-inefficient home

To acquire enough square meters to house your family on a reduced budget, turn to energy-intensive properties. Called "thermal flats" because of their poor rating on the energy performance diagnosis (DPE), they sell for less than others. Since the new DPE will come into force in July 2021, the energy class is increasingly taken into account when setting the price of a property. So you can expect to save several thousand euros on the purchase of a thermal sieve - or buy more with the same budget. Don't forget to add the cost of energy improvements to estimate the cost price.
These energy-intensive homes need to be renovated, or you'll end up with very high bills.

The good news? To encourage the renovation of thermal flats, the State has put in place numerous aids. Thanks to these grants, you will be able to revise the insulation, change the heating system or replace the windows at an advantageous price.

Acquire a new home with a real joint lease

Not much work for you? You would like to buy a new property that is efficient and economical in your daily life. Unfortunately, the price is way beyond your budget.
You should know that it is quite possible to acquire a new home at a lower cost, under certain conditions. The BRS (bail réel solidaire) is a system that allows low-income households to own a new home at a preferential rate. The principle? You buy the walls of your home, but not the land. The land remains the property of an OFS (organisme foncier solidaire). Thanks to this operation, you can hope to save up to 30% on the purchase of a VEFA apartment or a house. But that's not all! You also benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 5. 5% (compared to 20% for a traditional purchase in a new home).

You will find new real estate programs in BRS everywhere in France. The ministry in charge of housing regularly updates the map of approved solidarity land organizations by region. You can access the complete list on the website

As mentioned above, this scheme is not for everyone. Your income must not exceed a ceiling of resources, fixed by the loan of social accession.

Buying a maid's room in a large city city

You don't have any space requirements, but you're looking for a home in a metropolis? Unfortunately, in some cities, even studio apartments are too expensive. There is an alternative: the maid's room. With a surface area of between 9 m 2 and 15 m 2 , this small apartment allows those on a tight budget to become homeowners in the heart of the city. Located in the attic, it is lit by one or more small windows in the roof and accessible by stairs. It is equipped with a heating system and has a water supply. Initially, this room was used as housing for building service personnel. The good news? Maid's rooms are mostly found in middle-class buildings. If you are looking for this type of accommodation, you may be lucky enough to live in a beautiful Haussmannian building. As far as prices are concerned, you can expect to pay between €75,000 and €100,000 for a 10 m2 room in the capital.