Coliving in Fontainebleau: The "sophisticated" contribution of OpenHouse


Our coliving house in Victoire, Fontainebleau

✨Victory, our home in Fontainebleau✨

In recent years, coliving has become a major alternative trend to traditional housing. In Fontainebleau, the classic coliving offer is very present, especially with the high student demand. OpenHouse has decided to go beyond this type of offer with a "sophisticated" contribution.

OpenHouse holds a "Victory" in Fontainebleau!


Victoire is the name of the property of OpenHouse, his coliving house in Fontainebleau. It is a 4000m2 property with 3 buildings: a mansion, a former janitor's house and former stables. Several months of work allowed us to renovate this building dating from the 18th century to meet the needs of community living. A single objective: to make it a quality coliving!

All in all, for Victoire, we offer 25 rooms spread over the 3 buildings and incredible common areas! And bonus, the property has a gym and a beautiful pool.

This property is OpenHouse's latest and, as you might expect, most exceptional acquisition yet! It is located in a tourist town, which welcomes many foreign students. 

We opted for this type of housing because Fontainebleau is a tourist town but also a student town with the presence of many school campuses, notablyINSEAD, which mainly welcomes foreign students.

It was an obvious choice for OpenHouse to be present for many reasons, especially because it was certain that this property, once renovated, would be the perfect reflection of a "traditional-modern marriage". Its ancient character combined with modern facilities make it a unique property in the city of Fontainebleau.

We wanted to mark our arrival in Fontainebleau with this imposing property, accompanied by a differentiating offer. 

See what coliving looks like with OpenHouse, in Fontainebleau!

Openhouse's offer for quality coliving on Victory.

✨Common areas of Victoire, our coliving house in Fontainebleau ✨

There is no shortage of "colivings" in Fontainebleau. It's a market that has been expanding rapidly for several years. And, to differentiate itself from all the other players, beyond the exceptional property it offers, OpenHouse has decided to focus on its offer

Indeed, Openhouse is known for its "all inclusive" offer which is its hallmark. These services are typically included in the rent. 

For Victoire, OpenHouse offers cleaning services, maintenance of the 4000m2 of green space and its magnificent swimming pool. In addition, there are other aspects that make this offer unique . It is about common spaces, "uncommon", which will allow the "colivers" to find themselves between them after a long day of work. And make the spirit of coliving live. 

Indeed, at Victoire, we have a large central kitchen, a huge TV room, a spacious and aesthetically impressive dining room (we have kept the original 18th century paintings done directly on the walls). We also have a co-working space on the top floor, a totally new gym and not least a magnificent swimming pool to cool off on summer days. A kitchenette is also present on each floor to make a good coffee. 

The multiplication of all these common spaces participates in helping to consolidate the bonds between the roommates. 

In short, it is all of these common areas correlated with the services that contribute to make this house incredibly different. 

And it's a good thing, because Victoire, the OpenHouse coliving house in Fontainbleau, is located near various training schools, including INSEAD and UPEC.

So, if you have fallen under the spell of Victoire and want to live in an exceptional house, don't waste any time. Contact our house manager, Emma, at Otherwise, before you leave this site, take a look around our homes and fill out the questionnaire. This time, it is Emma who will contact you.  

So, we'll see you soon?