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12 rooms
from €830 all inclusive!



25 min Saint-Michel Notre Dame / 25 min Gare de Lyon / 30 min from Châtelet 


The Bowy OpenHouse, a new vision of coliving in Choisy le Roi!

Are you looking for accommodation that is a real alternative to the usual student residences? Are you single and need to move to the Paris region for professional reasons ? Are you ending your expropriation abroad and looking for transitional accommodation before settling permanently in Paris?

What if OpenHouse Choisy le Roi coliving was the answer to your housing search ?
You retain your independence in a private space that you can personalise, you share common living spaces, you have access to services and charges included in your monthly rent and you choose to live in a responsible house designed to meet a more social vision of housing. 

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The neighbourhood

                      🦶 A feet

🚉 RER C at 8 min                   🏪 Supermarket at 5 min         🏋️ Sports hall at 15 min
🥐 Bakery at 5 min              🎯 The heart of Choisy-le-Roi and its shops                              🎥 Cinema at 20 min

The rooms



(for 1 person)
  • Kipli double bed
  • Kiplimattresses, pillows and duvet
  • Cabinet 
  • Desk and chair 
  • Private or shared bathroom (between 2 rooms)
  • Bed and bath linen (optional)

from €830

=> If you want to have a closer look at the house and its different rooms, click on the House Tour below!

All-inclusive coliving

Basic charges

Water, electricity, gas. Yes, it can be useful.


Can we still imagine life without fibre broadband?


2 times a week in the common areas, only that


We provide you with the survival kit: board games, streaming platforms

Participation in the Common Pot

We'll help you buy your common pot, so you're never completely unprepared!


Because we too we provide: it is included in your package.


Sorry for all those who have a passion for maintaining ventilation systems, boilers or hot water tanks... We've got it covered.


An unexpected event or a simple question... He is there for you!

Why choose coliving in Choisy le Roi?

Real estate agencies, classified ads, telephone canvassing, websites and offers for renting from one person to another, rooms in private homes, visits to flats on the top floor without a lift, exorbitant deposits... when you start looking for a flat in the Paris region, as in any major French city today, you must show self-sacrifice and great patience before you can find the accommodation that corresponds to your selection criteria, if it is available and within your budget.

With the coliving solution in Choisy le Roi offered by OpenHouse homes, put an end to wasting time looking for a furnished flat or studio and to making concessions on the comfort of your home!
If you choose to join the OpenHouse community in Choisy le Roi, you'll enjoy a warmer living space as well as many amenities and services included in the rental package.
Aprivate bedroom with plenty of storage space and cupboards, a private bathroom or one to be shared with another flatmate, two fully equipped kitchens, two dining rooms serving as the main room, a cinema room, two spacious lounges , a laundry room and, as the icing on the cake, a garden with a terrace, this is all that awaits you when you choose the Bowy house, the new-generation Choisy le Roi flat-sharing solution.

Houses for rent in Choisy le Roi are either rare or unaffordable, having a flat in a decent residence often puts you on the waiting list, a living space that allows for personal development remains a grail for candidates looking for a flat to rent... So many reasons that should lead you to reconsider the type of housing to be favoured in order to become a tenant in the Bowy house in Choisy le Roi

coliving and flat sharing Choisy le Roi

What are the advantages of coliving in Choisy le Roi with OpenHouse?

The OpenHouse coliving in Choisy le Roi is the advantages of coliving without the disadvantages!
The Bowy house is above all, like all the other OpenHouse houses, an eco-responsible community that gives housing a more ethical dimension, starting with the design of the buildings and the choice of materials, with more efficient insulation, less energy-consuming hot water production and heating systems... But these are not the only advantages of our coliving house in Choisy le Roi:

The OpenHouse coliving solution offers you a solution adapted to your lifestyle or your occasional need for accommodation without having to make a long-term commitment and retaining great flexibility. You can decide to live in a Choisy le Roi coliving apartment for a short period of time, from a few weeks to several months, or even several years if you so choose.

No need to look for co-working spaces, which are often overcrowded in the Paris area and far from home. In the Bowy house, the shared living spaces are designed in such a way that you always have a place to work "like at home" ! This also means that you can enjoy a home that is close to shops, public transport and all the conveniences of daily life.

Forget the exorbitant rent to which must be added all the rental and living expenses, various subscriptions and other additional costs.
With Choisy le Roi coliving according to OpenHouse, electricity, water, gas, broadband internet, streaming platforms, home insurance, maintenance of equipment, availability of a home manager, participation in the common pot, and even bi-weekly cleaning of common areas is included in your monthly rent. No more wars between flatmates over who has to clean the kitchen, OpenHouse takes care of it!

It's a package of services included in the rent that allows you to see the accommodation differently, you don't have to worry about anything but enjoying your living space allowing you to keep your independence while sharing the moments of your choice!

To fight against loneliness, to put an end to the difficulty of creating social links when you find yourself in a big city without any knowledge or ties, coliving in Choisy le Roi allows you to meet people from all over the world, to get to know people who share the same interests as you and simply to allow you to maintain a social fabric around you in your daily life.
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