An ambassador in coliving

What's its role?
01 . 25 . 2023

Why are we talking about coliving ambassadors? Good question!
Don't worry, we'll explain it all in this article.

Who is this ambassador and what is his role in the coliving home?

You're probably thinking "but why is a coliving company talking to us about ambassadors? "

Don't worry, we're still talking about coliving and room rentals. All the more so since it's an internal organizational mode specific to OpenHouse and typical of the good house organization. An OpenHouse ambassador is our point of contact within the OpenHouse coliving community.

OpenHouse with its House manager, has the mission to make the tenants' daily life pleasant: but not easy to satisfy everyone when there are 12 or more in a house 🤯 . So we had to find a solution 💡... 


By setting up ambassadors among our colivers.

These ambassadors are the link between the coliveurs in the OpenHouse area and the house manager.

They have several missions: to communicate decisions made by the whole house, to inform us of any problems encountered by tenants, to find available housemates internally to show the house to potential newcomers, to help mediate in the event of disputes, and finally to inform us of the activities chosen by the whole house for the month.

OpenHouse - Coliving - Testimonial

Rebecca, one of our ambassadors in Bowy,
our coliving house in Choisy-le-Roi

Four ambassadors for optimal organization?

Emma, current House manager of OpenHouse 🤗

Focus on the House Manager

The house manager is part of Team OpenHouse.

His or her mission? To make our tenants' day-to-day lives easier.
He or she is the privileged contact for our tenants. All information and requests go through him or her.

Emma, current OpenHouse house manager 🤗

There are four (04) for each house: the technical ambassador, the mediator ambassador, the boarding ambassador and the animation ambassador.

The technical ambassador is responsible for relaying technical problems. Ideally, he or she should be a handyman or handywoman, capable of escalating problems to the best possible OpenHouse resolution.

The Ambassador Mediator is the wisdom incarnate of the house. He's the housemate who helps to "patch up"minor quarrels between housemates. He's also the main contact with the neighborhood.

The boarding ambassador is the team's point of contact for organizing visits by future applicants. For OpenHouse, community life among tenants is very important. To maintain a strong community, available colivers show potential newcomers around the house. The ambassador's role is to let us know who will be visiting the house.

And the coolest for last, the Animation Ambassador. He is the party man of the house, but with a serious touch. He is the main contact for the planning of the monthly animation activities.

OpenHouse - All inclusive

Focus on the OpenHouse All Inclusive offer

OpenHouse offers an all-inclusive package. On the one hand, this includes standard utilities such as water, gas and electricity, plus all the "extras" of a rental: home insurance, wifi, cleaning and streaming platforms.

In addition, there are a number of little extras to keep the community going: a privileged contact with an available house manager, a monthly budget for entertainment activities, a common pot budget for joint shopping, a budget for the delivery of recipe kits...

Finally, doesthe ambassador system improve life in coliving?

Yes, a big YES. For the tenants, it helps to structure life internally. Indeed, the ambassador system gives a concrete framework to the life of the tenants. They all know who to turn to if they have any kind of problem.

It also encourages exchanges. This is very important, especially at the opening of the houses or following the arrival of a new candidate.

For OpenHouse, it's a way of working that saves time and improves efficiency. In fact, thanks to the ambassador system, OpenHouse has a contact person for each theme, enabling faster, more efficient feedback.

The team is able to prioritize the most urgent interventions on the different homes. This enables them to set up a well-optimized schedule for the various interventions.

Ultimately, being an ambassador is about having the ability to be at the forefront of the scene. And, to quote Rebecca, one of the ambassadors of Bowy, our house in Choisy-le-Roi, "the ambassador is the roommate with the soul of a leader".

Rebecca, one of our ambassadors at Bowy, our coliving house in Choisy-le-Roi

Nos ambassadeurs en coliving dans notre maison Molly by OpenHouse