La colocation à Choisy le Roi avec la maison Bowy !

The advantages of the house

Dans une bâtisse des années 30, rénovée pour des besoins de coliving, Bowy est la parfaite option pour les jeunes actifs qui mettent fin à leur expropriation à l’étranger, qui sont à la recherche d’un hébergement de transition avant de s’installer définitivement sur Paris, ou qui simplement, déménagent sur la région Parisienne pour des raisons professionnelles.

Sur une surface de 315 m², Bowy est composé de 12 chambres, entièrement équipées et fonctionnelles, une cuisine entièrement fournie en appareils électroménagers, une buanderie, un magnifique salon avec une cheminée parfaite pour réchauffer vos soirées en hiver. On y trouve aussi des pièces communes qui vont permettre aux locataires de se retrouver pour des moments conviviaux et sympas. Cerise sur le gâteau, un beau jardin, aménagé de façon à ce que les colivers puissent y passer des moments relax et chill.

Located just a few meters from Choisy le Roi town hall park, Bowy is in the heart of Choisy-le-roi and its shops, and an 8-minute walk from the RER C train station.

Si vous recherchez un habitat partagé dans lequel vous souhaitez conserver votre indépendance dans un espace privatif que vous pouvez personnaliser, partager des espaces de vie communs, accéder à des services et charges comprises dans le montant de votre loyer mensuel et faire le choix de loger dans une maison responsable conçue pour répondre à une vision plus sociale de l’habitat, Bowy est la réponse à votre recherche de logement.

Common areas

Large kitchen

Dining room

Living room with fireplace








Kitchenette with dining area


RER C at 8 min


Supermarket at 5 min

Heart of the city

The heart of Choisy-le-roi and its shops

Sports hall

Sports hall at 15 min


Cinema at 20 min


Bakery at 5 min

Connaissez-vous Choisy-le-roi ?

Choisy-le-Roi is the commune that's got everything to make you go wild! Located just 12 km from Notre-Dame de Paris and 7 km from Porte de Choisy, it's the only commune in the inner suburbs to stretch out on both sides of the Seine, as if it were giving the river a big hug!

You'll love getting around this trendy city thanks to the RER C. Its historic station is so cool that it ranks fifth in Île-de-France in terms of passenger numbers. You can reach the Bibliothèque François-Mitterrand station in just 7 minutes, Austerlitz in 10 minutes and Saint-Michel - Notre-Dame in 14 minutes. A real treasure hunt for public transport fans!

But wait, there's more! Choisy-le-Roi is the town that never sleeps, especially when it comes to sport. With its numerous infrastructures and its famous interdepartmental sports park, you'll always have something to keep you busy and make your champion body sweat!

What about social life? Don't worry, it's all happening here! There are plenty of parks and green spaces to relax and enjoy the fresh air. And guess what? The city is bordered by the Seine, so not only is it a great place to live, it even has gondolas to make you feel like you're in Venice. Not bad, eh?

And if you need to go shopping, don't panic! Shops are just a stone's throw away, and public transport is there to make your life easier. No need to run around, everything's within easy reach!

So, what are you waiting for? Come and discover the good life in Choisy-le-Roi, the town where it's good to live and have fun!

1 Chambre(s) disponible(s)
From €750/month
12 rooms

Our rooms


1-person room


  • Kipli double bed
  • Kipli mattresses, pillows and duvet
  • Cabinet
  • Desk and chair
  • Private bathroom
  • Sheets and towels

The essentials of community life





Board games

Board games




Streaming platforms


Recipe kit

The community

Live in a home with a community characterized by a subtle blend of cohesion and closeness by people from different backgrounds.

To ensure that you get on well internally, we offer you the chance to co-opt your future housemates and choose them yourself. For the entertaining aspect of living together, we organize quarterly events.


OpenHouse - Community


Strengthen community cohesion and maintain the close ties between OpenHouse and its colivers.

Our prices include

Your home

Monthly rent

Charges and insurance

  • Home insurance
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Gas


  • Recipe kit: products delivered by FOODETTE once a month for cooking among friends
  • Common pot: contribution to joint races

The plus that makes all the difference

  • Very high-speed WiFi
  • Subscription to two streaming platforms (Netflix+Disney)
  • Home and furniture maintenance
  • House manager
OpenHouse - Sponsorship

How to reduce your rent?

At OpenHouse, you're rewarded up to


on your rent for any person co-opted for a stay of more than 6 months

Why did they choose us?

OpenHouse also means satisfied customers...

Our interior is

  • Latex mattresses and pillows
  • Recycled wooden bed
  • Luminaires in recycled paper
  • Eco-responsible installations
  • Double glazing
  • Boilers
Openhouse - Our interior is eco-friendly
Questions about Bowy
We've got the answers

Who is Choisy-le-roi coliving for?

  • Are you looking for accommodation that offers a real alternative to the usual student residences?
  • Are you single and need to move to the Paris region for professional reasons?
  • Are you ending your expropriation abroad and looking for transitional accommodation before settling permanently in Paris?

What if Choisy le Roi coliving according to OpenHouse was the answer to your housing search?

You retain your independence in a private space that you can personalize, you share common living spaces, you have access to services and charges included in your monthly rent, and you choose to live in a responsible home designed to meet a more social vision of housing.


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Why choose coliving in Choisy-le-roi?

When you choose to move into a Bowy by OpenHouse home in Choisy le Roi, you'll enjoy a warmer living space and a host of amenities and services included in the rental package.

A private bedroom with plenty of storage space and cupboards, a private bathroom or one to be shared with another coliver, two fully equipped kitchens, two dining rooms serving as the main room, a cinema lounge, two spacious lounges, a laundry room and, the icing on the cake, a garden with terrace - this is all that awaits you when you opt for the Bowy house, Choisy le Roi's new-generation colocation solution.

Houses for rent in Choisy le Roi are either rare or overpriced. Looking for an apartment in a decent residence often puts you on the waiting list, and a living space that allows for personal fulfillment remains a "grail" for candidates looking for an apartment to rent... So many reasons that should lead you to reconsider the type of housing to favor in order to become a tenant in the Bowy house in Choisy le Roi.

What are the advantages of Choisy-le-Roi?

OpenHouse coliving in Choisy le Roi offers the advantages of colocation without the disadvantages!

Like all OpenHouses, the Bowy house is above all an eco-responsible community that brings a more ethical dimension to housing, starting with the design of the buildings and the choice of materials, with more efficient insulation, more energy-efficient hot water production and heating systems... But these are not the only advantages of our coliving house in Choisy le Roi:

With OpenHouse coliving, you'll find a solution tailored to your lifestyle or your occasional need for accommodation, without having to make a long-term commitment, while retaining a high degree of flexibility. You can decide to live in a Choisy le Roi coliving apartment for a short period of time, from a few weeks to several months, or even several years, if you prefer.

Gone is the need to look for co-working spaces, often overcrowded in the Paris region and far from home. In the Bowy house, shared living spaces are designed so that you always have a place to work "just like at home"! What's more, you'll enjoy a home that's close to shops, public transport and all the conveniences of daily life.

Forget about exorbitant rents, to which must be added all the rental and living charges, various subscriptions and other ancillary costs.
With Choisy le Roi coliving according to OpenHouse, electricity, water, gas, high-speed internet, streaming platforms, home insurance, upkeep and maintenance of equipment, availability of a Home Manager, participation in the communal pot, and even bi-weekly cleaning of common areas is included in your monthly rent. No more wars between housemates over whose turn it is to clean the kitchen - OpenHouse takes care of it!

It's a package of services included in the rent that allows you to see your home in a different light. You don't have to worry about anything but enjoying your home, allowing you to retain your independence while sharing the moments of your choice!

Fighting loneliness, putting an end to the difficulty of forging social links when you find yourself in a big city with no acquaintances or ties, coliving in Choisy le Roi lets you meet people from all walks of life, get to know people who share the same interests as you, and quite simply enable you to maintain a social fabric around you in your day-to-day life.

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