OpenHouse, coliving solution in Vitry sur Seine!

The advantages of the house

In a suburban neighborhood in Vitry-sur-Seine, Molly is a beautiful little house that accommodates 11 people in fully-equipped rooms that have been transformed into private spaces with private (or shared) bathrooms. There are 9 bedrooms inside the house and two independent studios, also fully equipped. In addition, we have a beautiful kitchen, a dining room and a magnificent terrace that the colivers use to get together when the weather's fine, with a beautiful view over a verdant garden.

Étant à proximité des différents commerces du coin, la maison est à 8 minutes à pied du RER C et à moins de 30 minutes de la gare d’Austerlitz, ce qui la rend encore plus attractive.

Between living in a classic unfurnished shared apartment, a university residence with a not-so-great location or this coliving house with lots of shared space, close to transport and shops, with maximum energy optimization, the choice is obvious.

Common areas





Dining room

Dining room






RER C at 7 min


Supermarket at 6 min


Market at 12 min


Bakery at 5 min

Sports hall

Sports hall at 8 min


Cinema at 20 min

Heart of the city

The heart of Vitry-sur-Seine and its shops

Do you know Vitry-sur-Seine?
Vitry-sur-Seine, a charming commune located just a few kilometers from the heart of Paris, is a beautiful little nugget that deserves to be discovered. With its rich cultural and artistic heritage, this dynamic Val-de-Marne town is a veritable paradise for lovers of art and creativity.

Let yourself be seduced by the colorful streets and walls adorned with superb urban frescoes, which bear witness to the artistic effervescence that animates the city. Local artists and renowned graffiti artists find here an open-air canvas to express their talent and embellish the urban environment.

Vitry-sur-Seine is more than just an artistic center: it's also a dynamic economic center. Thriving business parks are home to innovative companies in fields as diverse as chemicals, pharmaceuticals and aeronautics. It's a real hub of opportunity, attracting creative minds and ambitious entrepreneurs.

Beyond its artistic and economic appeal, Vitry-sur-Seine offers a pleasant living environment. Its parks and gardens invite you to relax and stroll, offering moments of tranquillity along the banks of the Seine. Sports facilities, top-quality schools and libraries liven up residents' daily lives.

In terms of access, Vitry-sur-Seine benefits from excellent public transport links to Paris. You can easily reach the heart of the capital and visit the Eiffel Tower thanks to the RER C and a well-developed bus network.

Don't miss the opportunity to discover this fascinating city full of surprises. Whether you're passionate about art, looking for professional opportunities or simply curious to explore new horizons, Vitry-sur-Seine promises a unique and enriching experience.

0 Room(s) available
From €670/month
11 rooms

and studio(s)


Our rooms


1-person room


  • Kipli double bed
  • Kipli mattresses, pillows and duvet
  • Storage
  • Desk and chair
  • Private bathroom
    or shared between 2 bedrooms
  • Sheets and towels


Studio 1 or 2 person(s)


  • Kipli double bed
  • Kipli mattresses, pillows and duvet
  • Kitchenette/dining area
  • Storage
  • Desk and chair
  • Private bathroom
  • Sheets and towels

The essentials of community life





Board games

Board games




Recipe kit


Streaming platforms

The community

Live in a home with a community characterized by a subtle blend of cohesion and closeness by people from different backgrounds.

To ensure that you get on well internally, we offer you the chance to co-opt your future housemates and choose them yourself. For the entertaining aspect of living together, we organize quarterly events.


OpenHouse - Community


Strengthen community cohesion and maintain the close ties between OpenHouse and its colivers.

Our prices include

Your home

Monthly rent

Charges and insurance

  • Home insurance
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Gas


  • Recipe kit: products delivered by FOODETTE once a month for cooking among friends
  • Common pot: contribution to joint races

The plus that makes all the difference

  • Very high-speed WiFi
  • Subscription to two streaming platforms (Netflix+Disney)
  • Home and furniture maintenance
  • House manager
OpenHouse - Sponsorship

How to reduce your rent?

At OpenHouse, you're rewarded up to


on your rent for any person co-opted for a stay of more than 6 months

Why did they choose us?

OpenHouse also means satisfied customers...

Our interior is

  • Latex mattresses and pillows
  • Recycled wooden bed
  • Luminaires in recycled paper
  • Eco-responsible installations
  • Double glazing
  • Boilers
Openhouse - Our interior is eco-friendly
Questions about Molly
We've got the answers

A coliving house in Vitry-sur-Seine?

OpenHouse, coliving solution in Vitry sur Seine!

With its proximity to the capital, extensive public transport network, dynamic job market and numerous universities, Vitry sur Seine is attracting a large number of would-be tenants and driving up rents, not to mention the lack of comfort and originality in the studios and apartments offered by landlords.

La maison OpenHouse is revolutionizing shared accommodation in Vitry sur Seine by bringing coliving to the forefront, an all-inclusive housing formula that combines budget control, comfortable facilities, quality of service and exceptional included services.

Gone are the days of poorly-equipped and insecure student residences, soulless furnished apartments on the top floor of a building without an elevator, and endless canvassing of real estate agencies in the hope of finding suitable accommodation. Vitry sur Seine coliving by OpenHouse makes life easier, allowing you to live in a major city in the Paris region at a lower cost while creating social links.

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What is coliving in Vitry-sur-Seine?

Finding an apartment to rent in Vitry sur Seine as anywhere else around the Parisian capital is often synonymous with an obstacle course to avoid unpleasant surprises, to find a minimum of comfort and security or simply to find an apartment you like.
Joining Molly OpenHouse in Vitry sur Seine means enjoying high-quality construction that's both comfortable and responsible. At OpenHouse, our vision of housing is based on an ecological and sustainable development approach.
These values are reflected in our choice of insulating materials, heating and hot water production systems that are energy-efficient and respectful of natural resources, and our selection of recycled materials or materials chosen for their responsible origins.

Secondly, Open House Molly offers Vitry sur Seine coliving apartments that are organized around an all-inclusive formula, with no surprises and 100% comfort for optimum quality of life.
Electricity, water and gas charges, broadband fiber internet access and traditional streaming platforms, twice-weekly cleaning of common areas, contribution to the communal pot, home insurance, maintenance and upkeep of common areas and equipment, provision of a Home Manager... Choosing Vitry sur Seine coliving with OpenHouse means opting for the peace of mind and pleasure of living in a private room, studio or apartment, while benefiting from spacious common areas and a pleasant environment with other colivers.

What are the advantages of living at Molly in Vitry-sur-Seine?

When it comes to looking for a place to live, the first thing to do is to list all the selection criteria that will guarantee a minimum of comfort and accessibility: existence of an elevator, proximity to your university or workplace, quick access to modern amenities, size of the apartment, kitchenette, private bathroom, estimated costs, heating system, etc.

It's at this point that we begin our search for the classified ad that will catch our eye, deciphering and locating both professional and private rental ads.
In the end, faced with the many pitfalls we encounter as we search for an apartment to rent, we revise our expectations and compromise on the comfort and quality of our future home.

So many disappointments and time-consuming, often unproductive steps, which you can now avoid by choosing Vitry sur Seine coliving with OpenHouse.
Simply contact us and fill in our online form to get to know us, and we'll study your file, show you around your VIP coliving space, introduce you to your future colivers and help you pack your bags.

Nothing could be easier than to enjoy a comfortable, perfectly secure home in a rare environment in the Paris region, all for an ultra-competitive price that protects you from unpleasant surprises.

In addition to the savings you make with the addition of the many services included in our Vitry sur Seine coliving packages: living expenses included, internet and streaming subscription, home insurance... you benefit from a rent amount below the rental property market in this part of the Paris region.

Finally, when you arrive in a large metropolis, unless you have a family presence on site, it's often complicated to create social links and, more generally, to meet other people. The coliving principle is based on sharing and exchanging with the colivers community, all of whom come from different destinations, with different backgrounds and unique experiences, a way of enriching one's knowledge and facilitating one's integration into the locality.

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