Charlie and thelma - opening july 2023

2 houses!

Charlie in renovation = 15 rooms 

Thelma under construction = 11 rooms 


15 min center of Lille / 10 min train station / 20 min Roubaix / 10 min Villeneuve d'Ascq / 30 min Lomme / 25 min Marcq-en-Baroeuil


Charlie and Thelma, two coliving houses by OpenHouse on one property!

In a constantly tense and hyper dynamic real estate market in Lille, finding a rental apartment can be a real obstacle course. Rental prices have reached record highs, while the supply of decent housing is increasingly limited and of poor quality. If you are a young working person looking for a decent place to live in the Lille area, it is legitimate to ask yourself how to find accommodation in Lille and what alternatives are available to the classic shared flats or studio apartments, often unfurnished, in locations far from shops and means of transport.

The neighbourhood

🦶 On foot

🛍️ Eurallile at 20 min
🥐 Bakery at 5 min
🛒 Supermarket at 7 min
🎓 Near Universities
🚊 M2 at 5 min

Coliving room in Mons-en-Baroeul

The rooms

Choose your cosy nest!

room for rent in coliving in Mons-en-Barœul

Charlie's room

(for 1 person)
  • Double hotel bed
  • Hotel mattresses, pillows and comforters
  • Private bathroom (with towel dryer)
  • Storage units
  • Desk and Chair
  • Bed and bath linen (optional)

from €700

Room for rent in Mons-en-Baroeul by OpenHouse Coliving

Room at Thelma

(for 1 person)
  • Double hotel bed
  • Hotel mattresses, pillows and comforters
  • Private bathroom (with towel dryer)
  • Storage units
  • Desk and Chair
  • Bed and bath linen (optional)

from 690€ onwards

All-inclusive coliving

Basic charges

Water, electricity, gas. Yes, it can be useful.


Can we still imagine life without fiber broadband?


2 times a week in the common areas, only that


We provide you with the survival kit: board games, Netflix, OCS...


The basic products, so that you are never completely caught off guard!


Because we too we provide: it is included in your package.


Sorry for all those who have a passion for maintaining ventilation systems, boilers or hot water tanks... We've got it covered.


An unexpected event or a simple question... He is there for you!

Coliving in Lille, an alternative to the housing crisis

Since the supply is lower than the demand, finding a decent apartment in Lille can be difficult, whether it is for a short-term rental as part of a professional move, for a student studio, a place in a private student residence, or for a quick apartment. There can be many compromises on the comfort of the facilities, accessibility and quality of life.

But did you know that coliving in Lille meets all your needs? OpenHouse, a new generation coliving solution in Lille, offers a housing formula for students and young workers that combines the privacy of a private apartment with a collective lifestyle through high quality common living spaces and a living space that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Too good to be true, isn't it? The Charlie and Thelma houses, located in Mons-en-Baroeul, near Lille, 5 minutes walk from Metro 2 and 15 minutes from the center of Lille, are revolutionizing the world of coliving by offering you all-inclusive spaces and services in a beautiful property.