Coliving at OpenHouse

A shared vision of comfort and community
09 . 12 . 2022

OpenHouse's definition of coliving corresponds to a vision focused on the need to provide a comfortable lifestyle for their tenants.

At the same time, it's a way for them to be part of a great community experience.

What exactly is coliving?

"Coliving" is the Anglo-Saxon term adopted around the world for an improved version of the traditional roommate.

Much more than sharing apartments or houses, coliving is a true lifestyle.

The concept originated in the United States and then spread to Europe, particularly France and Spain. In short, you might think it's a classic shared apartment, but coliving offers something extra: a private personal space, classic common spaces (kitchen, dining room, laundry room, etc.) and others less obvious in a studio or shared apartment (cinema lounge, gym, etc.). Coliving also offers a very active community life.

Based on the observation of an inadequate housing offer and the emergence of Coliving, Agnès Chastang and Julien Martinez founded OpenHouse Coliving, with the ambition of creating a French leader in "impact" coliving

Let's talk about OpenHouse!

OpenHouse has been in the real estate business for more than two years, buying XXL houses and buildings that it renovates and transforms into coliving. Each renovation is an opportunity to greatly improve the environmental impact of the buildings by investing heavily in insulation, hot water production and heating in particular.

For Agnès, this desire to break the codes of the classic roommate is partly born from her experience at "Mama Shelter and particularly the way in which the Trigano family of entrepreneurs have [...] succeeded in creating communities in hotel residences".

For Julien, it was the desire to undertake a meaningful project that motivated his investment in this adventure. OpenHouse provides a concrete response to major social problems: the housing crisis in large cities, the loneliness that affects all generations, or the aging and unsuitability of the current housing stock.

OpenHouse - Coliving - Testimonial

The OpenHouse Team ✨

Coliving By OpenHouse

Grouped around four pillars, comfort, service, community and environment, coliving by OpenHouse wants to make an "impact"

At OpenHouse, the selection, transformation and renovation of properties are crucial steps. Outdoor spaces are systematically included (terrace or garden) and the properties are renovated and adapted to community living. Finally, the renovation process drastically improves the eco-responsible impact of the renovated buildings.

OpenHouse has chosen a coliving offer rich in services and benefits. All the needs of a "classic" rental have been integrated with the aim of encouraging the creation of the community. But also and above all, to break the idea of a "difficult" shared habitat on a daily basis.

A community vision

Les colivers de Lou, our home in Epinay-sur-Seine✨

By community, OpenHouse means the gathering of people from different backgrounds, without any distinction: "a vision truly focused on living together and a community that takes shape and enjoys sharing".

That's why the company has opted for classic leases, which means long-term. "We want to make a minimum of short or medium term so that the tenants feel fully involved and concerned in community life."

The ALL INCLUSIVE OpenHouse offer helps set up the community. The day-to-day running of the coliveurs is made easier: a specific "shopping" budget to avoid the hassle of buying the last roll of toilet paper or the last dose of washing powder, or a recipe kit budget to cook and dine together!

OpenHouse goes one step further by offering its followers the opportunity to freely choose one event per month: because these events are remembered for life, and because they allow the creation of strong bonds between followers, the community is strengthened.

As you can see, the community aspect is key in coliving by OpenHouse.

This vision is further enhanced by the introduction of ambassadors in the homes. These ambassadors, chosen by the coliveurs themselves, ensure the well-being of their community.

And to make sure that all this beautiful organization takes shape and works, there is a House Manager who is the point of contact for our tenants! The House Manager manages the houses and takes care of federating the community! Thus, this initial vision becomes a reality and takes a form that we develop day after day.