Openhouse opens a coliving house

in Mons-en-Barœul in July 2023
05 . 09 . 2023

Charlie is the new coliving home by OpenHouse in Mons-en-Barœul.

It is currently being renovated, and will offer a unique living experience to young professionals for whom the comfort of shared living and socialization are essential to their professional development.

Charlie in more detail

Charlie is composed of two independent houses: the first one, with a surface of 420 m², is being renovated and will accommodate 15 tenants. The second, 250m², is under construction and will accommodate 11 tenants in comfortable private rooms. Each will be equipped with a double bed, a desk for teleworking and storage space. Both houses will have:

  • 03 very spacious kitchens, each equipped with high quality appliances, offering residents total flexibility to cook their own meals and share them with other residents.
  • 03 cosy lounges perfect for relaxing after a day of work or study, including one equipped with a fireplace, ideal for creating a warm atmosphere in winter.
  • A great gaming and video projection room, ideal for movie nights or video game competitions.
  • And also eco-friendly installations such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting tanks. All of which helps to reinforce OpenHouse's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.
Charlie in the process of renovation and Thelma, the second house under construction

Charlie under renovation and Thelma, the second house under construction

The Charlie house is located in a quiet, residential area, close to major companies in the region such as AuchanRetail International, Decathlon, OVHCloud and La Redoute, which could be a good housing alternative for employees of these companies. It would also be an opportunity for these companies to house their employees close to their places of work.

What are the advantages for companies of opting for coliving as an accommodation solution for their employees?

Employees are fulfilled because they live in a coliving environment

Charlie under renovation and Thelma, the second house under construction

Coliving can offer several advantages for companies looking to house their employees. They can save money by renting coliving spaces for their employees rather than apartments or hotel rooms. OpenHouse offers "all inclusive" with all utilities included in a flat-rate rent, so companies don't have to pay these bills on top of the rental. Companies can also benefit from greater flexibility by renting coliving spaces for a fixed period.

Employees housed in coliving spaces can also save time and energy by reducing commute times. Coliving homes are often located close to companies, which reduces commute times and allows employees to not run to miss their 7:45 train. For example, we have companies like Ass Ariane and Melinite Productions that are located about 900 meters away from Charlie's and therefore about a ten minute walk.

Opting for coliving is also a way to improve the well-being of employees and increase their concentration at work. Indeed, employees who live in coliving spaces can enjoy a better quality of life. Charlie, like our other coliving houses, will offer additional amenities and services such as regular cleaning service, quarterly meet-ups, recreational facilities like movie room, game room, etc.

Coliving is also an opportunity for colleagues from the same company to get together outside of work. Quarterly meet-ups or happy hours can help them feel more comfortable in their new environment and develop relationships with other people, which helps increase their productivity and therefore that of the company.

Charlie offers a unique coliving experience in Mons-en-Barœul, with economic, flexibility and quality of life benefits for tenants. Companies can also take advantage of the benefits of coliving to house their employees in an efficient and economical manner.